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Tomato feasting

Hamburger Gravy

Are You a Food Blogger?

Originally posted on A Good Blog is Hard to Find:
Calling all food bloggers out there! Share your link if you are a foodie and want to show people some of your recipes…

Sunday’s Magic

Pie Topper.

Tropical Sunday

Musing about the changes in the homestead as summer wanes. We feed our bodies and our spirits the bounty of nature. We are never seperated from the world but a part of it.

Dutch oven mac n cheese

Notes add a tablespoon grated parmesan, mild grated cheese, & a teaspoon red palm oil for color.

Syrian Cucumbers

Grown by seed sent to us by a fan. Facination at the newness of a faraway land found by a seed.

Google will now tell you whether you should put solar panels on your roof

Originally posted on Grist:
This story was originally published by Slate and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. Google’s been busy rebranding itself as a 21st-century jack-of-all-trades. On Monday, it announced…

Dog days of Summer

Dog days of summer awaiting the harvest.

Tomatoes of Summer

Enjoying the first tomatoes.

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