Jack of All Trades Master of None

2 thoughts on “Jack of All Trades Master of None”

  1. I spent some time today going through a catalogue of emergency supplies and found myself completely overwhelmed. When we were without power for just a very few days in early December I began to seriously think of how poorly we plan for the “what ifs”–and it’s not like I never think of them! Thank you for sharing your thoughts as well as resources. Very helpful…Debra

  2. We went through only a week of this (no power, gas, supplies) in the April 27 tornado storm here in N. Alabama and were able to do very well. We were a bit shell shocked (if you will) but we survived. Had it gone on any longer I think things would not have been so nice. Your information is helpful, but it is the human element that scares heck out of me…
    ~ Lynda

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