Devonshire Cream

3 thoughts on “Devonshire Cream”

  1. That’s all that you have to do to make it? I’ve been buying teeny little pots of the stuff for $6 at the grocery store. Thanks for this! I love it on scones with homemade strawberry preserves.

  2. Oh my goodness! I had this in England years ago and thought I was in heaven. I had NO IDEA it was so easy to make! I can’t wait to make it for everyone! They’re going to think I’m “such the cook!” Thank you so much. You post THE BEST recipes!

  3. this sounds very sweet..i make a similar sweet cream by mixing 1 part buttermilk–1 part sour cream and one heavy cream, blend well and refrigerate overnight to let taste develop; i use this sweet cream over potatoes or noodles, fold in scallions or shallots over meats.. sprinkle raw sugar on it for desserts.. all good…i use half and half instead of heavy cream for larger servings..thanks for the lovely recipe, i am sure to try it next..

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