Homesteading Dollars

5 thoughts on “Homesteading Dollars”

  1. Couple questions:
    1. How do you make your hotdog buns. I know this is hard to say via blog, but I’m an avid bread baker, but have never tried hot dog buns.
    2. I’ve been considering purchasing a yogurt maker. How do you make your yogurt?
    This was a very useful post! Thank you!

    1. 1 You can buy a hotdog pan. I don’t I just roll out dough and cut rectangles to fold letterbox’s
      2.I use the crockpot method, thermometers, and an in line dimmer switch

  2. Just a note on potatoe chips – we make them now and then as a novelty (and it really impresses company) but I think they’re so much better than the bagged. It took me a bit to figure out to LOWER my oil temp to about 340. Before that I had a little trouble with the centers being a bit wet, which, of course, felt cold and strange, so my first response was to raise the temp.

    Of course, once I’ve used a pot of oil for something, then I’m on a quest to keep using it, so as not to waste. (Sometimes I’ll freeze it.)

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