Pear Honey

4 thoughts on “Pear Honey”

  1. Keep going! You could get 100 in no time. Have you ever looked into lulu? You have to do all the work yourself, but they’ll publish your book (I think as an e-book) for free and sell it at like $4.99 a copy, but you get like half of that. $2.50 could add up. I might not have all my facts straight but my friend was telling me about it as I have this crock pot blog and she thinks I should write my own cook book, and it sounded like a pretty good deal. But, I need more recipes too, and more time! It’s a thought. Look into it. It was called lulu. (And for the record, I’d buy a recipe book with just 30 recipes in it, if I really liked the recipes!) Other people would too, I bet. 🙂
    Keep the imagination going and the recipes will flow.

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