What Do You Eat

Snow pea on plant.

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Sometimes in planning a garden we can get carried away with what to plant. Be practical;
spend some time thinking about how you cook, and how your family eats.

Plan on planting something for everyone’s taste not just your own.

What you find to eat in your garden also depends on the season. In some areas of the
country, you can grow lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, and
peppers all together during the summer. In warmer areas, lettuce and other
greens are grown in the spring and fall. Where we live in Wisconsin we can grow
any type of hardy cold weather vegetables, a short season for tender vegetables, and in the fall grow all types of stir-fry greens and snow peas.

Other Considerations

Your garden will need to be defined by the number of hours you’re willing to spend
gardening each week, how much space is available, how your garden fits into
your yard, and what site makes the most sense. You’ll also have to decide
whether you’re going to garden at ground level or in raised beds. You may also
want to consider a separate garden for the children. Wading pools gardens make
simple raised beds that help to keep vegetables neat in appearance.

1.What do I really want to grow?

2. Do I want a combination in-ground and container garden?

3. How big should I make my garden?

4. How much time do I have to spend each week?

5. Can I integrate my garden into my landscaping?

6. Do I want raised beds?

7. Do I need to grow my garden against a fence to support my vine plants?

8. Do I want to garden vertically?

9. Does pocket gardening make sense in my yard?

10. Do I want to grow enough vegetables to freeze or can?