Suburbhomestead A Definition

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At the second decade of the 21st Century, a new industrial revolution begins. We are at the
convergence of a new way of life, brought on by the flow of ideas,
new modes of communication, and the need to evolve.  As we feel the
stress of our presence on this Earth and see the effects of our way
of life. Global Climate Change or Climate Weirding as I call it. I
can see several trends coming together; Distributed networks,
distributed power generation, telepresence, on demand manufacturing,
micro-industry, and locavourism. These trends will invariably will
create a new civilization by mid century. Suburbhomesteading is that
intermediate step that will help connect the rest of humanity and
create the urban fill needed to stabilize our current economy. All
the while laying the ground work for our civilization to reach the
stars.  Distributed projects are the primers to prepare the necessary
skills for our great migration to a stellar civilization. 

Suburbhomestead [sub ur-buh hohm-sted]

n. 1 a suburban, rural or urban home in which residents practice self-sufficiency
through home food production, food storage, and or use alternative
energy sources.

n. 2 the home and garden of a person or family engaging in sustainable small-scale
agriculture, husbandry, energy production, and related activities
designed to improving environmental impact and increase

n. 3 a name describing the home of a person or family living by principals of
locavourism, sustainable self-sufficiency through activities such as
gardening for food production, cottage industry, extensive recycling
or conservation, and use of green technologies. In any combination
maybe one or many.

USAGE IN A SENTENCE“My neighbors’ suburbhomestead is so productive, they’re able to live on a four day work week and have jams, jellies, and pickles to last
all winter.”

Suburbhomesteading [sub ur-buh hohm-sted-ing]

v. 1 the act of transforming a rural, urban, or suburban home into a property that
produces some or all of its residents own food and or energy needs.

v. 2 participation in home-based activities such as gardening, raising poultry or small
livestock, producing simple products through home based industry,
energy production (off-grid and grid tied), and generally seeking
ways to increase self-sufficiency in a rural, urban, or suburban
environment. Example: Solar panels for energy production.

v. 3 the creation of an suburban homestead with the goal of improving one’s
environmental impact and focusing efforts to a home-based,
family-centered, self-sufficient way of life.

USAGE IN A SENTENCE“Their suburbhomesteading started with a small vegetable garden, but over time they added solar panels, a wind generator, and rabbits.”

Suburbhomesteader [sub ur-buh hohm-sted-er]

n. 1 a person who practices self-sufficiency through home food production, food
preservation, and sustainable living in a rural, urban or suburban environment.

n. 2 a person who transforms a rural, urban, or suburban dwelling into a home that
produces all or part of its residents own food and other basic needs.
This is done with the goal of improving environmental impact while
increasing self-sufficiency. Can be patio gardening, rented community
garden plots, balcony gardening, and CSA shareholders who preserve
the harvest.

n. 3 someone participating in the advancement of 21st century Eco-culture striving
to create a better world for themselves and others by exemplifying a
self-sufficient, sustainable, ecologically beneficial, 21st century “just in time” micro-industry, and interconnected family life. 

USAGE IN A SENTENCE“One suburbhomesteader’s garden can feed his whole family—and sequester enough carbon to off set the family’s annual vacation.”