Canned Butter or American Ghee

15 thoughts on “Canned Butter or American Ghee”

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  2. You beat me to it! I had an article about ghee on my other website and was saving it for a Homestead Letters fall blog post. Bottom line, I agree with your assessment about pressure canning. Ghee, though no one else out there says to do so, should be pressure canned because it is a dairy. In all my years of making and canning dairy items, I have always pressure canned all dairy, with the same concerns as meat. It is dangerous to do any different.

  3. you recommend pressure canning but unless i over looked it you dont tell at what stage to do the pressure canning. please inform me as to the stage to do this. thank you.

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  5. I am guessing the pressure cooking occurs in step 5 of your directions but you may want to edit your post to make it more clear. Interesting post. Thanks

  6. You don’t explain the steps for canning. I think we all understand how to pressure can but you have a great amount of detailed information about shaking. It shaking done after canning? Before and after? Please help.

  7. Have you tried canning “homemade” butter? We make our own from the cream we skim off our whole milk so I’m just wondering if it would be the same.

  8. How do you do the actual pressure canning process? You say this is recommended, but you don’t explain when to do it, nor how to do it.

  9. You know what I figured out? You copied this article from No wonder you had no idea what you were talking about when people kept asking you about the instructions you’d left out of the article. From now on, perhaps you should write your own damned articles or else give credit where credit is due!

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